Author Topic: Get/Set vertex positions of a mesh (Blendshapes/Morphtargets)  (Read 3742 times)


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 Following a thread (, please find some new arrayMaker actions to get and set vertex positions. They can be performed every frame so you can actually blend a mesh at runtime (blendshapes).

Jean, I've tested them and everything works a treat however it would be nice for you to check my work as I'm no coder :P

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Re: Get/Set vertex positions of a mesh (Blendshapes/Morphtargets)
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 perfect, Well Done.

It will be in the next drop of ArrayMaker, and you are credited in it now. Thanks for your contribution!

For powerful morph and blending, I would still recommand investing in MegaFiers, it's far superior than ArrayMaker in providing convenient components to blend and morph targets.

But if you have some specific needs, them two actions you did are spot on indeed!