Author Topic: Suggestion: Folder Separators For Global Vars.  (Read 1297 times)


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Suggestion: Folder Separators For Global Vars.
« on: July 12, 2013, 06:37:38 PM »
Was thinking, you know how most user's rely on empty game objects to keep all their multiple FSM's organized into readable folders? Often I see it suggested that a good design means avoiding using global variables as much as possible in favor of sending messages to separate FSM's because when you end up with 100's (if not thousands) of globals they all become very laggy and hard to search through.

Well why not build in a folder system where you can put globals into their own category, search by category, give them "tags" or turn entire globals off or on (visibility or otherwise.) based on their relation to strings of FSMs.

That way if you were only working on a specific section of the game you wouldn't have to see the thousands of globals for the entire thing.