Author Topic: Escape the Maniac is now on Google Play!  (Read 3211 times)


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Escape the Maniac is now on Google Play!
« on: July 18, 2013, 10:59:19 PM »

Hello, all PlayMaker Users,

Our team accomplished and launched our first game 'Escape the Maniac'.

We used PlayMaker visual scripting in over 80% of game development,
other 20% is Unity Java Script for save manager and etc.

'Escape the Maniac' is a kind of Puzzle game with Full-3D environment.
What you have to do is evade dangerous obstacles and unlock doors in
many ways for escape test rooms.

It works well with the device which has single core CPU and 512MB of
system memory. Yup, if your devices have dual core CPU, you can play
the game with the Best Performance.

*Not only Paid version, also Demo version is available:

Major UPDATE which contains extra-stages is coming up for Full-Version. :)

If without PlayMaker, I couldn't finish develop the game in a time.
I really thank you everyone who helped me in FORUM, especially Jean.  :)

The PlayMaker is still 45$, and I think this has many good values compare
the price and other plug-ins. I hope PlayMaker is famous in Korea, because most
Korean developer don't know this plug-in. When I told about PlayMaker to my
friends who are working for game companies, they started having interests
about this!

Thank you for read our game introduction with bad English.
See you on next UPDATE and new game. Have a nice weekend!!

Sanghee Lee, From South Korea.
P.S. I hope that PlayMaker Preference language option has 'Korean' :)