Author Topic: Huge 3D Pong beginner video tutorial series (On pause)  (Read 3823 times)


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Huge 3D Pong beginner video tutorial series (On pause)
« on: July 26, 2014, 07:15:11 PM »
Hey all...

so im in the process of creating quite large beginner video tutorial series, few hours atleast. it will not be free however, but it will be affordable. (im thinking something in the range of 50$ right now)

tutorial will explain everything as project continues. so that user learns by doing it. i think that is very important, atleast for me, that is the easiest way to learn.
it will be aimed at total beginners with unity3d aswell as playmaker, but as tutorial progresses, it will get more advanced ofcourse.

selling point of this tutorial will be "Create a functional game with zero lines of code and publish it to androids, for total beginners in unity3D and gamemaking industry. You dreamed of creating games, now you can start taking action!"

first part of tutorial series covers just making normal 3D pong, and very basic AI. basically replicating that famous first pc game that started it all. ofcourse with basic main menu (unity GUI)

second part will be about making Battle Pong. this mode will have powerups. (grow/shrink paddle, fasten/slow ball, invert controls, slow/fasten paddle, reverse ball movement, zig-zag ball)
so this part will cover how to add all these powerups.

third part will be Photon multiplayer integration. user will learn how to add photon to your own project and how it works and how to make multiplayer game with it.
i am still working on that part and fixing all the bugs.

fourth part will cover some other stuff such as 4 player pong, adding multiple balls, making android and iOS builds (actually maybe not iOS builds, since i dont own mac at the moment) and different aspect ratios on phones, and probably some other stuff?

any suggestions or thoughts about this?

do you think i could get discount links to buy playmaker at lower price? lets say 50$ or something like that. that way i could also try and get total beginners to gaming industry, and would probably sell alot more copies if playmaker was a bit more affordable

if i will sell atleast 20 copies of this tutorial, i will start making more tutorial series containing most popular retro games in one series (tetris, breakout, asteroids, snake, etc...)
then i also have in mind tutorial series for new unity GUI, once it comes out ofcourse :)
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Tbh 50$ is a lot for a tutorial

many parts can be found in other free tutorials

make it free with a Donate attached to it, set in on youtube

earn from you tube and Donations

you will have more chance to reach your 1000$ target

most people (especially beginners) will look to your price tag and say :
"yea right!" and move on

if its free AND if its GOOD people gonna Donate or share the tut link to friends.
i have learned : java / C# / photoshop / blender and several other things from youtube for free, but i must have spend at least 300$ on donations.

but then again that's my opinion.
good luck anyway :)


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well i was actually thinking the same... the only problem for me is... youtube monetization is not available for my country (slovenia)

so right now im researching for loopholes... i think i will stick with youtube, and patreon for donations.

im pausing this series for now, and im starting a way better series:

Beginner Tutorials with Unity & Playmaker - Retro series - Tic Tac Toe - Part 1

where we will be resurrecting retro games, one by one, in playmaker :)
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