Author Topic: Finished my 2nd game: Alone in the Wasteland (Post apocalyptic adventure)  (Read 1739 times)


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After 7 loooong months of development, I have finally finished my 2nd Unity game. Alone in the Wasteland is available for free on Android and iOS. Around 90-95% of this game was made entirely with Playmaker. I am looking forward to seeing how far Playmaker will take me on my next project.

iOS Link: (

Android Link: (

Alone in the Wasteland takes place in a futuristic world that has been ruined by global warming. The air has turned toxic, the temperatures are unbearable and the rain has become acidic. The surface is no longer able to support life so all of humanity has been forced to move underground. These underground cities use a special bio-fuel which runs a cooling system and filters the air.

A distress call has been sent from a neighboring city calling for more fuel. If they completely run out, there will be no survivors. You have been selected to rise to the surface, search for fuel and bring it to the city before its too late.


Alone in the Wasteland features 45 unique levels. Some levels are pretty linear, while other levels are more open. Each level has the same 2 goals:
1. Search the environment to find the 2 fuel cans

2. Survive long enough to find the exit

That by itself would be too easy (and a little boring) but luckily there are more layers to the gameplay:

Sense the air is toxic, the main character has a special breathing filter with limited oxygen. As you explore the levels, your oxygen will decrease. There are a limited amount of oxygen cans scattered around each level. Some levels require backtracking, so as a player, you will have to decide weather to pick up the oxygen cans right away or save them.

The hot temperatures, lack of oxygen and loneliness cause the main character to have frequent hallucinations. Simply put, the enemies you fight only exist in your mind. However, the sensation of pain is created in the mind so these hallucinations can hurt you (this is why you can feel pain in your dreams).

To fight these enemies you can use a "mental blast" which shoots in whatever direction your character is facing. However, using this attack will use some of your oxygen.

Some levels have locked doors or hazards (like hot steam). These must be deactivated by finding a special item (key) or controls. This is when saving oxygen tanks comes in handy sense you will most likely need to backtrack to enter areas that were previously blocked.
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