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Permaximum Betty
« on: August 07, 2011, 02:13:08 AM »
Well this is my new game I have been working on.

A very fun and game you can play for a long time.
Betty is in great danger.
She stands by a huge stone wall.
Behind her, everything is burning to the ground.
The only way out for Betty is up to something that looks like
small platforms that someone has built and left behind.
The fire gets closer, so it's time to lead Betty up and away from the fire.
Beware so Betty do not fall from a platform.
It's a long way down ...
Permaximum Betty is a platform game, based on that you'll try
to climb up as far as you can, by jumping from platform to another platform.
You get points for every platform you can manage to jump to.
These points are collected and stored in a highscore list.
The last 10 highest scores are always saved.
The goal for you is obviously to get as high in the game as possible
and collect points for beating your own record.

You control Betty by clicking on the arrows.
If you hold down an arrow Betty will continue to go to
same direction until Betty could not go any further.
To jump between platforms, it is important that you
have the timing right.
Distances vary, and for the really big distances, it is
very important that you really concentrate and be at the edge of the platform to
to jump to another platform.
If you miss then Betty will fall into a certain death.

I did use playmaker for this things.
Intro screen; fadeout, fadein and loadlevel.
Menu: All buttons is Playmaker GUI button. They do load the highscrore scene, load the game. and exit the game. All is driven by FSM. Also the background is an FSM.
Highscore: Only buttons is driven by FSM. I did not find a way to read an array in playmaker and show it on the screen.
The Game. The menu/pause button is driven by FSM. The menu just quits the main game and load back the menu.
If push Pause just freeze the game and next time you push the button it will start the game again.
The control left and right for Betty is also FSM driven. This was my first thing I did, with help from people here.
The controller do work both on the android phone and on windows.

I know it would take me alot more time to do all thing in real code.
Some things is still very easy in real code, but i guess that will change as soon there is more actions in playmaker.
But the character controller for left/right movement is a very hard thing to do in unit3D, but not with playmaker.
The trues is that all touchscreen actions in Playmaker just work and its so fast to get them to work like you want.
Its a pain in the ass to get those things to work in real code.
Often they will be slow or has issues.
With playmaker it just works. Thats awsome and only that is worth $100 if you develop on Android.

And here is the game:

And here is a youtube video when I play some of it.
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Re: Permaximum Betty
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2011, 10:36:41 AM »
I have made a demo for this game so you can try it out.