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The distraction work ;)
« on: January 23, 2014, 03:32:47 PM »
So on a daily basis I'm working on a large game, but sometimes it just get to be
to much and annoying, or i get stuck doing some weird loop.

When that happens, i always turn to Unity and playMaker for some fun.
My latest fun was a top down shooter, tank/mech style and this part was making
3 AI modes work, entirely in playMaker.

- Turret mode
 * has range, look at player, attack + follow when within range.
- Guard mode
 * same as Turret, but will agro the player, stop after a range limit.
- Patrol mode
 * Same as Guard, but will patrol between 2 or more waypoints, chase the player, return to patrol if player escapes view range.

just added
 - pickups
 - weapon upgrade
 - exploding mesh

just added
- Moving platform (vertical) many issues with this thing.
- GUI items + debug info
- AI ajustments
- Life pickup

And here is a video of what i got working :D

Webplayer + PC and MC dl links (just above the webplayer)

Man, I love playMaker worth every dollar..
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