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[Project Chasers] A Cartoon multiplayer game Looking for
« on: April 28, 2014, 09:58:03 AM »
Sup everyone ? ;)

We want yo present you our project , its a cartoon multiplayer game using Unity Engine And now crowdfunding live

on indieGoGo where you can read much

more deep about it.

    Chasers project will focus new style gaming for all age’s! cool characters and stories that everyone will love, Children, Youth gamers and hardcore gamers. The project aims nostalgia of classic cartoon style inspired from the classic days TV Shows that we enjoyed Watching. This time the classics are alive and they have a magical skills and funny causes for making trouble.

Exaggerated weapons, funny skills, extreme animations, twisted laws of physics and fast chase... That is the

chasers game.

Some Gameplay modes that we want to create with the cartoon charcter:

    Game mode "Chase"
    Game mode "Team Capture points"
    Game mode "Capture-Flag"
    Game mode "Death-match"
    Game mode "Survival"

We are now looking to Expend our team and we need :

    2 more programmers - We looking for unity programmer in C# or Java , also we need Side server Programmer
    2 more 3d artists - We are looking for more 3d power users , so we can create faster the whole diffrent

    environments ,props , weapons , and characters.
    1 more 2d artist- 2D artist who can draw in the same style that we do , also have good environment and props sketching skills

If you wanna join the team , please send us your portfolio and some info hopefully we start right away.