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Microphone Recording
« on: May 16, 2014, 09:21:32 AM »
Hi, I have been working with the microphone recording addon and I have everything working perfectly at recording and playing back Audio in the PC Editor.

 However, as soon as I put this onto an Android device there are HUGE delays, buttons failing to detect inputs and various other clunky problems. I have spent all day working with this and have so far had some very minor successes by changing the Audio Latency settings in Unity and sticking in the odd 'wait for next frame' event. However, the record audio feature I see in my game on Android is far too clunky and far from releasable.

Has anyone had any success with this on a mobile device or should I just give up with the idea now?

Should I use an external Plugin for this? Are Unity's in built methods too slow?


P.S..My FSM is simply a button that when pressed, records audio and when pressed again, stops the recording and plays it back.
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