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Ryu Kazuhiko (2.5D Zombie Fighting Survival game)
« on: May 22, 2014, 09:35:43 AM »
Hey whats up just released my latest game (A very Challenging) ZOMBIE survival game, but it plays a lot like a fighting game.

The game is 0.99 $ I have lots of free codes if you like these types of games please let me know - I need reviews and Would love to get my game out to people who like the same games as I do (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) Thank you.

ENJOY - Contact me for a free CODE. This game is for the IPAD


I come from a long line of ancient Japanese demon slayers that have been battling demonic beings since the begging of time...

It is said that my people obtained their abilities through the Dragon Blade.

An ancient and powerful sword, that fell from the cosmos.

It gave us special abilities, like how to channel Electricity and produce Powerful Winds.

Our blood has also developed a genetic immunity to almost all viruses, even those caused from a demon. Which is crucial when battling demonic beings that can turn the average person with a single bite.

My life is dedicated to the hunt of all things unnatural!

I am RYU KAZUHIKO Zombie Slayer!!!


Play As Ryu Kazuhiko “Zombie Slayer” in the Ultimate 2.5D Zombie Survival Fighting Game on the IPAD!

Superior-Quality Graphics powered by UNITY3D bring A mix of realistic graphics with Japanese Animation style ART, making “Ryu Kazuhiko” the most colorful and unique looking zombie game ever made.


Auto-Save feature saves everything you collected automatically.

Play the MANY MODES of “Ryu Kazuhiko” and UNLOCK more and more in the Ultimate 2.5D Zombie Fighter.


Ryu Kazuhiko is bringing back the definition of “OFFLINE CONTENT”.

With MORE than 40 COSTUMES to collect, No other game gives this much collectables for only 99 Cents!!

NO IN APP Purchases – And NO ADS!

Collect over 40 COSTUMES for just 99 CENTS, By actually playing the game and winning in the various MODES.

Ryu Kazuhiko is The ULTIMATE Collectables game, with 3 Leader-boards, 40 PLUS Costumes, 3 Survival Modes, An Arcade Mode with Multiple Missions that than Unlock “Special Survival Modes” that than Allow you to unlock “Special Costumes”... The COLLECTING Goes On and On and ON…


Fast, Stylish and Responsive controls let you battle Zombies at lighting Speeds.

LARGE COMBO LIST with a free flow system that allows you to move from one combo to another.

Ryu Kazuhiko is NOT like other games on the IOS that try to create “Unique Touch” experiences??

Instead it focuses on Basic Game Mechanics  like BLOCK, PUNCH, KICK, and SUPER.


Counter your enemies’ attacks with powerful SUPER ATTACKS by pressing Block the Moment an Enemie Attacks you.


Ryu Kazuhiko can create powerful attacks that can kill zombies instantly but at the cost of some of his “POWER METER”. 

The DRAGON SWORD COMBO and the ENERGY BALL are good examples of attacks that can kill with one hit.

Also Ryu’s SUPER ATTACKS (Counters) Can kill with one strike.

But in order to use them you must have a certain amount of energy in your “Power Bar” which is right below your Health Bar.

Learning to manage your power meter (Which gets filled up whenever you land a Punch/Kick attack) is the only way to climb up the ranks as the ultimate Zombie Slayer.


Play Various MISSION MODES from all around the World.

Gorgeous High-quality 3D environments with stylish 2.5D Japanese Animation action style Gameplay.

Fight All around the world, from a RAVE in the Desert to the Snowy Mountains of Antarctica.
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