Author Topic: hi,clone objects  (Read 1094 times)


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hi,clone objects
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:51:36 PM »
ı used create object fsm.It is working good but clones is too many.I want to limit the clone number.I want clone go to box in after clone delete.


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Re: hi,clone objects
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2014, 03:02:35 PM »

If you're creating bullets or something, there are two common ways of destroying them.

One popular way is adding a FSM that has a timer on it, and after a sertain ammount of time, it destroys it self.

The other popular way is adding a border to your scene, and when the object
hits the border, its destroyed.

Or if the objects always collide with something like ground, walls or enemies you can always call a destroy function right after impact.

What are you making? It make's it much easier to give you some help
if you are a bit more specifik in your request.