Author Topic: No heads and tale in PlayMaker info  (Read 1491 times)


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No heads and tale in PlayMaker info
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:23:59 PM »
I know you might not consider this a bug, but I think it is, albeit an abstract one:


NGUI: Popular, supported by Playmaker.
BUG: Information and files are scattered

Let's say you want to make use of NGUI event 'OnDragOver'.

* You write NGUI in the Ecosystem: Zero result!

* You Google and find:
.. that for ever says 'Comming soon' - but there's no way to subscribe, so how am I as the user supposed to know when 'soon' has arrived?

* If you are not jumping back to Google a few times, to find various posts in the forum to some you may reply and debate outdated info, you might actually follow the instructions on ?W1111 and then realize that the event OnDragOver is not supported :/

* Back to a few forum posts, do some trial and error.. trying to comment some in the Trello page..

All in all a lot of time spend for the user, but even worse: A lot of useless information / discussion left for you, the developers: A user searching is a user writing!

This is not a special case, it is just one example. Try to look in the Wiki and compare the screen dumps to the actual Actions - most often there's fields just not matching - and there's no way to ask / comment / subscribe in a central spot - so you find a bug one place, and go somewhere else to comment, which may not be the same as the next person..

And I am an old user of PlayMaker. Imagine what this is for someone new to everything..

Moving forward it would be really, really great if

A) The Ecosystem could be trusted to have all current and recent official updates: Do not post something on Trello as 'Done' without submitting to the Ecosystem!

B) Large areas such as NGUI, UltimateFPS, Vectrocity etc would have 1 'Official' Playmaker page on the whole Internet: Be it your own system or somewhere else. Just 1 page where you dictated that 'This is the one', so we all could go there.

C) Let the Wiki be a genuine Wiki: Let the users update it if you are not going to - - it is so full of outdated info, it's quite frustrating.

Thank you. And now, seriously: How do I know when the NGUI event 'OnDragOver' is supported?

Because not knowing where to get to know this makes me generate a lot of time-wasting comments till it's done - if only I could subscribe at one spot, that would be it!


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Re: No heads and tale in PlayMaker info
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 07:55:43 AM »

 Yep, I am very much aware of this. I am currently creating rss entries for each Trello task I have done, I am not sure I missed one the other days isn't it?

Trello, the ecosystem and the rss feed is an attempt to find the right way to address everything you said.

The problem goes way further however, we need a way to create versioning for actions, and documentation so that updated a bug or implementing breaking changes can be tracked and securly exposed to the end user.

the wiki is bad for documentation as it's too much manual work to keep it up to date, we need an automated on the fly way to pull info from actions and spit documentations. The ecosystem future is also about publishing actions which essentially will be the beginning of a better more reliable information travel.

-- The forum is not a viable source of information if you are not carefully checking dates, posts and latest entries. It's typical and why I am trying to push for the ecosystem and trello.

If you are willing to participate to the wiki, you are more then welcome. The problem is only very few developers can afford time on wikis for others, it's a fact, and perfectly understandable when you have deadlines and day job to do.

I personnaly reached a point where I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of support to provide to keep up with everything. It's amazing, I spend my whole days on PlayMaker, some projects are for clients but you still directly benefit from it with updates on addons and new custom actions, some are purely for PlayMaker support thanks to Alex who's hiring people like me to help you, and even with my full day on this, I can't keep up anymore. Alex is aware of this and trying to find ways to address the situation.

The best way to to keep bumping, I am never offended by bumps and shout out, this is currently the best way to make yourself heard. Trello and the rss feed is a MUST if you want to be alerted of the latest, this is how you'll know about ngui support for drag.