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Set Scale using LateUpdate
« on: October 18, 2011, 11:38:44 PM »
I want a setup where the player character's bones can be scaled at runtime, and still have animations. This would allow things like longer arms/legs, shorter/stubby torso and head sizes while keeping the rotation/transform data for the animations.

Every time I change the scale it will show in the editor, but playing an animation will force the scale back to default. I tried opening my FBX and deleting the scale keyframe data, but then the model would not animate in Unity at all (although it would still animate in 3DS Max)

I was told on the Unity forums to try the LateUpdate function to process the scaling AFTER the animation, but this is not utilized in Playmaker at the moment.

Since I am a poor coder and this would probably take me a very long time to figure out, I am requesting someone create a Set Scale Action with an option for LateUpdate.
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