Author Topic: Everything broke when i pushed the build button  (Read 1033 times)


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Everything broke when i pushed the build button
« on: September 07, 2014, 03:51:28 AM »
Hello everyone,
I have a fairly disastrous issue,
I've been working in playmaker to create a puzzle game and it's all been fine and dandy until I started working with a partner through SVN.
Some issue arose during development where playmaker sometimes said to be "Missing" Script refferences, this was solved by deleting the playmaker folders and letting Unity reimport them. This meant we could keep working and finished our project. But now a second problem has become a major issue:

When I pressed the build button the issue came back giving me 515 errors which all lie in the refferencing of the Photon Unity Networking scripts of playmaker.

i'm unable to solve the issue it keeps recurring am I missing something? Is there an obvious fix to it maybe? I have a screenshot just to make things maybe a little easier to understand. In our game we use no networking at all and to be honest I don't even know why it is searching in the PUN map. If i delete the map my game runs but everything I made in terms of gameplay events attached to playmaker stops working.

Thank you for any response that can help me get the project on track.
Kindest regards,


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Re: Everything broke when i pushed the build button
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2014, 07:17:26 AM »
Not sure if ur game uses those...
When i had the same problem the solution was just to delete all the photon folder....
My advice
Expot package
Make new project
Import package
Delete photon folder
Try to build