Author Topic: Position resetting on child of player during photon sync  (Read 750 times)


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I have a strange problem. I use photon and my player is built like the "re-target mecanim" examples. I am trying to follow the Demoworker example but my "player" is more complex because the user can choose which "skin" they want.

Player (has position/rotation/variable sync FSMs)
- Skin1 (has animator, controller script, rigid body, collider components)
- Skin2 (has animator, controller script, rigid body, collider components)

When I Photon Network Instantiate the skins are all inactive and I activate the one the user has chosen. When the player is not mine (user 2 is a run as standalone EXE), my screen shows that the active skin is at position 0,0,0 but the Player parent is at the correct location. The other inactive children are at the player parent correct location.

I am using Find Child to find the child (it finds it) and then activate gameobject to activate it (which it does).

Why is activating the child causing the position to return to the prefab default of 0,0,0?