Author Topic: updating camera position after disabling/enabling behavior script  (Read 480 times)


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i´m having an issue here with my game. :( I´m using playmaker to set an Gui button to Itween ( move to)  from one point of interest in my map view to another, the problem i´m having is that i´m using a camera script called RTS Camera Pro, and for Itween( Playmaker) to work, i have to disable the Rts Camera Script temporarily, but as soon as i enable it back, my camera position didn´t update as expected to my current position, so it sends me back to where i was before Itween.
So i was searching for some actions in playmaker, or anyways i could fix this issue and tell unity that the position had updated, and i could keep navigating my camera  from my current position, so i found this action called Game Object has changed, could this work? and how?
I´m new in unity and playmaker, so any help would be much appreciated.