Author Topic: Doing master thesis experiment with Playmaker - need a lot of participants. help  (Read 1527 times)


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Hello to my Playmaker people! My name is Ivana and I'm writing my Master Thesis as a Computer Scientist. Due to the nature of the experiment, I can't give you any specific details on what I am writing about, but suffice it to say that I have built a little game in Unity that I need 150 people to play and then fill out a questionnaire for.

I have tried payed platforms like Crowdflower and AMT where i paid people to play, but out of 20 people I only got 2 responses on the survey and the rest just took my money and left =/

I now count on you, dear gamers! to help me meet my deadline

Thanks in advance!

Ivana :*

Step 1:Go to - download and install the Unity Web Player plugin for your browser (important to install from this link)

Step 2: Open the game web player here:

Step 3: Log in and follow the instructions displayed on the screen

Play the game until completed, or for at least 10 minutes, then fill the survey linked in the game and when done, return here.

Playing the game will require installation of the Unity Web Player Plugin (step 1 - safe)
Remember, you don't fail unless you give up trying to succeed!


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After playing #1... #2 is a breeze.

Cool little game, probably going to be some interesting experiment results =)


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Its over? getting error 404 on dropbox link.