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I know a new Playmaker update reduced the Logging's Performance Consumption, and I'm using the latest updated Playmaker. I noticed that the SubFSMs which created by RunFSM Action still got the Annoying Logging Performance Problem. I'm sure I turn off the debug log in Playmaker's Setting, and I got a clean unity window layout with only Profiler and Game open. So this Issue is not completely solved.;topicseen

General Discussion / Help! FsmObject's Value is always Null.
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:03:14 PM »
I'm using a FsmObject variable. Its value always return null! Help! I'm not a programmer, hope someone good at it could help me out!

In my action script, before doing the real thing I wrote this to initialize the FsmObject.
if (ABC.value == null)
    Debug.log("ABC.value is null!")
    ABC.value = new MyObject();

MyObject is a simple class:
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

namespace HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions
   public class MyObject: Object {
      public bool b;
      public MyObject()
         this.b = true;

Every time my Action is entered or using everyFrame. I got this "ABC.value is null!" log and the ABC.value are reset. I can't store the result into the ABC FsmObject variable. :(

General Discussion / Array(inspector on) in RunFSM cases GC
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:42:01 PM »
I'm a heavy RunFSM user. And I've found that if I make some Arrays with inspector turned on in a Fsm Template (Exposed as inputs for RUNFSM). That will cause GC during running. I think it maybe happens in the fsm.updatevalue() or fsm.applyoverride() (I can't remember the method name, something about override). That is not cool for RunFSM during an ArrayGetNext or Iterate Loop. Hope you could solve this problem and keep optimizing the RunFSM. Bolt seems to do well in macros and reflection, I hope playmaker could be better. For now, I use a string variable to pass an array name to let the FsmTemplate GetFSMArray, that will save most GC as a walk around. But which is not so Convenient to use. I think Playmaker's best parts are User-Friendly, Convenient, EditSpeed, and  No Performance Issues at most situations. Hope the RunFsm's Performance and Nested Output could be improved and make Playmaker the best VisualScripting tools in the future. ;)


I got several "Could Not Create Action" errors during editor running test which paused the run. Everything went well in built on Android. And if I clicked pause button to continue the editor test everything worked!
I got the Screenshot attached, hope someone help me out, thanks.

I used Template FSM a lot, RUN FSM a lot. But I remember that about 1 month ago everything was fine. And I used Template FSM several months from now. Don't know what make this happen, did I hit some Number Limits?


Lately, I updated Unity to 5.6. and Errors were gone. Maybe it's something wrong about compiling.

Feature Requests / "Remote Line" Needed[SOLVED]
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:15:09 AM »
When designing a big graph especially with iterations, there are too many lines. I used GoToStateByName Action to build 2StateEnd "remote lines". But the Action consumes Performance so I delete them and use normal lines to connect which make the graph messy.
But I truly need some similar States to do the "Remote Line" which can make the Graph easy to use.  :D

I'm sending PUN RPC with String Data(PhotonViewRpcBroadcastFsmEvent).
It takes about 20ms CPU Time and 0.5M GC(Profiler Window, Deep Profile) to activate 1 PhotonViewRpcBroadcastFsmEvent Action(String Data is about 150 char long). If the String Data is a longer string, the time will grow but not so much.
I tried to cache the FindGameObject("(name)"), but it doesn't help much. :P

How to improve the Performance of PhotonViewRpcBroadcastFsmEvent? ???

General Discussion / If there is a Bridge Converter, world will be better!
« on: November 27, 2016, 08:00:54 PM »
Nowadays I'm studying BehaviorDesigner to build my NPC's AI, BehaviorDesigner works well with PlayMaker and I think this two powerful tools complemented each other.
I've found that BehaviorDesigner is using very similar TASK and Variable structure to Playmaker. Maybe it's possible using Microsoft Office Word to do some Task2Action and Action2Task Convert ;)
If there is a Bridge Converter Component or Add-on to make this happen in the editor or maybe runtime, Playmaker and BehaviorDesigner can share their functions and support parts of other unity add-ons.
That will save a lot of works and let users make full use of the advantages of both the tools. ;D

Is it possible for the Bridge Converter becoming true?


I'm using scene object which is not instantiated by Photon, just put with the edit as a part of the level scene. I put Photon View and Playmaker Photon Game Object Proxy on the scene object to Sync and Send RPC, and the Fsm is observed by the Photon View.

But it comes the error, which I attached below.
I opened with the VS, it seems the EventTarget is the error target.

I look up the PUN Documents, Photon allow to put Photon View on scene object to operate same as Instantiate Scene Object and controlled by Master Client.

Networked Scene Objects

It is perfectly fine to place PhotonViews on objects in a scene. They will be controlled by the Master Client by default and can be useful to have a "neutral" object to send room-related RPCs.

Important: When you load a scene with networked objects before being in a room, some PhotonView values are not useful yet. For example: You can't check isMine in Awake() when you're not in a room!

Cause there are many Network Sync Scene Objects, I don't want to write down every object's Transform and Instantiate it, that will take a lot time to work and not 
good to mantaine and update. Cause you couldn't see the effect of all the level scene Networked objects.

I think the NGUI is using raycast and collider to sensor the interaction.
If playmaker can get the Raycast Info of that interaction, it will be great.
For my case, I want to get the hit point position of my UI to get the touch point to perform some Effect and Feature. (start a wave or add a mark on the map something)
I try to read the "NGUI event to FSM proxy" it doesn't pass down the info about the raycast. And I couldn't read deeper there.

Now I'm trying to build the Raycast thing in a Normal Playmaker Way, Dealling with the Not Main Camera Things. ;D

Playmaker Help / When Sending Events, Is broadcast slower than Target FSM?
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:27:01 AM »
My project is made 99% with Playmaker, it's growing big. Now I can feel the time of Event Traffic.
I want to know the Logic of Sending and Receiving Events.
Please give me some instructions. Thanks.

Couldn't get Event Sender GO and Event Sender FSM name from a Child GameObject with "Get Event Info".
It takes me a GO slot and a String slot in "set event data" to carry this 2 massages.
String Variable Slot is so precious for me to carry Converted Array and other high level variables.
And use Set Event Properties is more inconvenient than Set Event Data. 

Playmaker Bug Reporting / Set Event Properties couldn't send Array
« on: September 17, 2016, 08:58:18 PM »
it says: Error Editing Action. Unknown FsmArray Type.

i got the screen shot attached

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