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Playmaker Help / TouchScript move another than touched
« on: July 15, 2017, 05:33:45 AM »
Hi good Old PlayMaker forum.
I used to be 100% Playmaker, these days I'm writing C#, but I miss you!

Now I'm stuck with TouchScript, and I noticed there's PlayMaker actions to that, so maybe there's one of you grand old PlayMaker guys that knows this, the TouchScript forum is totally dead.


In a 3D world:
Finger on Object A
Object B is (instantly) moved to Object A's Position. (I can do that)
WITHOUT lifting finger and re-touching Object B, I now need to move Object B along X&Z
(I cannot do that, only with a lift of finger, then replace on B, but that is not god enough, I need just to place a finger on A, then move B)

Any clue? Thanks!!

First: Sorry if this is Repeat / Old / Obvious, the nature of the words involved here makes it really hard to search without drowning in irrelevant results.

In a mainly C# project, I want to use PlayMaker as a pure FSM:

Each NPC has a rigidbody and Playmaker at root, and a couple of rigidbodies and triggers as children.

Playmaker is to be used to make it easy to oversee the rather complex behaviour and order of all things going on below. Most action is happening in multiple scripts.

I want to make only 1 FSM (the goal here is not to make a new complex layer, but to tidy up all the stuff below)


Apparently it's not easy to work with Trigger Enter Events on children, independent of root?!?

All things Trigger Enter related are sort of just hooking up to Root: ON TRIGGER ENTER does not have any options to set WHO the trigger is.

Drag-dropping GameObject with a collider and finding the collider / Trigger via the popup menus one way or the other does work: I can get On Trigger Enter from another collider.. but..

A) The event info in the State window does not say who the Trigger belongs to (minor issue)

B) If there's more than one of such unnamed On Trigger Enter entries, then apparently the whole system mixes up what is who and where, and depending on another On Trigger Enter being switched on/off, another one will change behavior..

Is there really no good / clean way of using Playmaker as an overlaying FSM reacting to multiple & different child ON TRIGGER ENTER in same FSM without making spaghetti?

Playmaker Help / Transform.localPosition
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:42:17 AM »
Hi, the good old

Get Collision Info

is returning world coordinates for Contact Point.

Now I'd like to know in 'Local space' if this is in front or at the rear of my spaceship.

So, in Unity scripting, I'd use

- and I'd think it'd be a walk in the park to just do that in PlayMaker.. but strangely I'm stuck.. (other than I could of course set an empty at the world etc etc - but there must be a simple way?!

I'm sure this is going to be a d'oh!

Hit me :D

Action Requests / Set my position to match
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:13:32 AM »
I think a trillion times I have made this with PlayMaker:

Create variables, with all that includes
Get position (fill out)
Set position (fill out)
Make sure world / local matches (which it does not by default, which then again has caused about a trillion tinybugs for me)


I know it's spoiled, but BOY I'd be pleased for that one action that did this trivial task:

[My by default]
[ ] position
[ ] rotation
to match
[Variable or reference]
[ ] every frame

OMG, that'd be a time saver :D

I'll buy a beer to that person any time :D

Thanks!! :)

Action Requests / Deactivate All children of [ ] apart from [ ]
« on: June 18, 2015, 05:18:25 AM »
It'd be great with an action that'd take in..

All children of [        ] 
Apart from  [        ]

So one could (easily) set up with a parent and a bunch of objects - and just select which one of the children should be activated.

This would be a tremendous help in all types of anything :D


If I want to have a series of images in a hash table, and via Playmaker change Sprites in uGUI, it appears there's a missing bridge in the current Playmaker functionality?

I can make workaraounds (not use sprites etc) and there's the almost obsolete FSM in the Ecosystem: 'U Gui Image Set Sprite' (obsolete because it's just as easy to just drag in the Sprite component into Playmaker and set it that way).

But it appears to me that since there's no 'Sprite' variable, then

A) Sprites cannot be stored in arrays (only Textures)
B) Sprites cannot be set in FSM's as variables (only by pointing at files directly)

This appears kind of like a missing bridge to me? Or am I missing something?

PS: It could be fixed by allowing 'GameObject' variable type to be used, I'd suppose?



Playmaker Help / arrayMaker sort position racing game
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:16:35 AM »
Hi guys, am trying to get my head around this:

I have a sort of racing game, and I know the position of all my players, as a float (0 -> unlimited)

I'll have approx 10 opponents + the player simultaneously.

Every frame I need to update a classic racing game position in the corner:

---=== You are: 4 of 7 ===---

Now, since I need this to be fast and done every frame I'll need something not clumsy - which is all I can think of.

I'm pretty sure there's a 'native' way to do this, and any pointers would be highly appreciated.

I have my X players with individual n's - and for one Player every frame I need to know the position expressed as '[your position] of X'..

Thanks! :)

Action Requests / ReadPixels
« on: April 04, 2015, 03:11:09 AM »
Explanation should not be needed:




Playmaker Help / Calling scripts issue (TerraVol v2)
« on: October 01, 2014, 08:04:45 AM »
I'm aware of

Yet I cannot get my head around this:

I want to use the amazing TerraVol v2

through Playmaker - so i need to use the embedded 'action system':
WorldRecorder.Instance.PerformAction(new ActionData( ….. ))

But I cannot figure out how to get this done by PlayMaker - is it not possible for some tech reason I do not understand?

Thank you very, very much :)

Playmaker Help / How is "Get EVent Info" supposed to work?
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:26:12 PM »

Ok, it sounds nice.. but in reality, all the drop downs can only accept a variable, or the field 'none' - how is it supposed to work - in reality - when it's not possible to select anything?!?

Playmaker Help / NGUI notify MonoBehaviour
« on: July 04, 2014, 11:51:33 AM »
Have a look at the image, the blue highlighted field :)

I want PlayMaker to react when OnDragOver is happening with NGUI.

I cannot seam to understand the missing link -> How do I make PlayMaker react to this? (Or some other way to let PlayMaker react to OnDragOver)?

Thanks a bunch :)

Playmaker Bug Reporting / No heads and tale in PlayMaker info
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:23:59 PM »
I know you might not consider this a bug, but I think it is, albeit an abstract one:


NGUI: Popular, supported by Playmaker.
BUG: Information and files are scattered

Let's say you want to make use of NGUI event 'OnDragOver'.

* You write NGUI in the Ecosystem: Zero result!

* You Google and find:
.. that for ever says 'Comming soon' - but there's no way to subscribe, so how am I as the user supposed to know when 'soon' has arrived?

* If you are not jumping back to Google a few times, to find various posts in the forum to some you may reply and debate outdated info, you might actually follow the instructions on ?W1111 and then realize that the event OnDragOver is not supported :/

* Back to a few forum posts, do some trial and error.. trying to comment some in the Trello page..

All in all a lot of time spend for the user, but even worse: A lot of useless information / discussion left for you, the developers: A user searching is a user writing!

This is not a special case, it is just one example. Try to look in the Wiki and compare the screen dumps to the actual Actions - most often there's fields just not matching - and there's no way to ask / comment / subscribe in a central spot - so you find a bug one place, and go somewhere else to comment, which may not be the same as the next person..

And I am an old user of PlayMaker. Imagine what this is for someone new to everything..

Moving forward it would be really, really great if

A) The Ecosystem could be trusted to have all current and recent official updates: Do not post something on Trello as 'Done' without submitting to the Ecosystem!

B) Large areas such as NGUI, UltimateFPS, Vectrocity etc would have 1 'Official' Playmaker page on the whole Internet: Be it your own system or somewhere else. Just 1 page where you dictated that 'This is the one', so we all could go there.

C) Let the Wiki be a genuine Wiki: Let the users update it if you are not going to - - it is so full of outdated info, it's quite frustrating.

Thank you. And now, seriously: How do I know when the NGUI event 'OnDragOver' is supported?

Because not knowing where to get to know this makes me generate a lot of time-wasting comments till it's done - if only I could subscribe at one spot, that would be it!

Action Requests / Smooth Look at 2
« on: July 02, 2014, 12:00:50 PM »
From the Ecosystem I found Look at 2 - AWESOME, much awaited and needed!!

But wth? No Smooth Look at 2?!? Argh - like giving me 1/2 peace of candy!


Playmaker Help / [SOLVED] Simple rotation, irritating problem
« on: June 30, 2014, 05:13:58 AM »
Imagine a gun tower on the top of a plane. The plane flies and spins and loops around, not controlled by the player, who sites inside the gun tower on top of the plane.

Camera looking from inside gun tower and out.

Canons shooting at where gun tower points.

Simple, right?

Targets are found by look at.. and now the problem arises: When ever using any 'Look at' function to focus on a target, both X, Y and Z are spun.

And the gun tower only should be able to spin in local Y and X axis (up/down / left/right - not twisting around Z)

Nesting parents, Vector3 XYZ grabbing and I don't know what - this appears to be such a simple task but for some reason I'm just freaking stuck for days on it!!

Any clever and helpful friends out there? :)

My gun tower is spinning on one too many axes!

Thanks a bunch!!

Hi, I'd post this as a bug report in the provided tool, only it does not allow attachments of pictures - and Alex, we wrote about this before, but the tread was a mess, here's a clean start, I can reproduce the bug:

When having a Project with Prefabs referencing Global variables as Game objects in order to work with the rest of the game, it is when importing / updating other assets / packages that the bug happens.

I have seen that several times now, with various updates from the asset store.

See how my project now again is destroyed, attached screen shot. All I did was accept an update from these 3 packages that has nothing to do with PlayMaker:

Like said: I have had this several times now, every time when I import another Unity Package - not one with PlayMaker DLL or snything. And both from the asset store and also importing my own models (after trying to rebuild projects that was destroyed by this bug)

I'm sorry if I come out as bitter here.. but I am right now!

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