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Playmaker Help / Re: Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile - Rewarded Video
« on: November 04, 2017, 07:54:01 AM »
Hi all,

Thought I should post my working setup. I am certain there is a better/more efficient way of organizing it but once I got it to work I just went on with the rest of the project.

You can see it working (here comes the shameless self promotion ;D) on Munchy Munchy free on the Playstore.


User Showcase / Re: Munchy Munchy - My New Android Game (Free)
« on: October 05, 2017, 03:59:15 AM »
Hi there,

Currently making a trailer which will have in game footage. Hope to be up in the next few days.


Hi guys,

Please check out my new game Munchy Munchy on the Google Playstore:

Pretty much all game logic done in Playmaker except for bits I sourced from the Asset store or similar.

I would truly love to hear what people think. My main beta testers are my two kids. =)

A big thank you to the legends on this forum who helped me make it to release.


EDIT: Just up'd the trailer:

Hi all,

As per the subject. Related to my previous post:

I am using Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile but their support tells me that the action they have (GADRewardedVideoAd) is just a wrapper and doesn't detect player early exit which is (I thought) a large part of the logic behind the rewarded video thing.

It looks like the 'adclosed' detects only if the ad is closed. Regardless of full watch or part.

Any help would be great.


Playmaker Help / Re: Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile - Rewarded Video
« on: August 25, 2017, 10:36:20 AM »

I unpacked the Android actions. My set up works for init, loading and showing the reward ad. It was just the checking I was missing.

The answer I got from them was:
Our PlayMaker action contains of these events:
AndroidAdMobController.Instance.OnRewardedVideoAdClosed += OnReady;
AndroidAdMobController.Instance.OnRewarded += Rewarded;
AndroidAdMobController.Instance.OnRewardedVideoAdOpened += RewardedVideoAdOpened;
AndroidAdMobController.Instance.OnRewardedVideoStarted += RewardedVideoStarted;
AndroidAdMobController.Instance.OnRewardedVideoAdLeftApplication += RewardedVideoAdLeftApplication;

So there is only one event when advertising has been closed after full watching time.
You can't detect if Advertising was closed before finishing.

To which I replied I would think that the checking of the play through would be a fairly important thing.

There is this:

But it makes little sense to me other than a method exists.

Playmaker Help / Re: Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile - Rewarded Video
« on: August 25, 2017, 09:34:25 AM »
Hi all,

So over a week later I get a response from support. This is surprising since a lot of reviews and posts say how good and responsive the support is.

Apparently there is no PM action to check if the player has watched the full video or cut it short in Stans Ultimate Mobile. I have asked if there will be one in future releases, but alas this does not help me with my current game.

Does anyone know if there is a PM action to do this around?


Playmaker Help / Re: Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile - Rewarded Video
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:23:45 AM »
Hi djaydino,

Thanks for the reply :)

Just extracted the Android Native Playmaker zip and couldn't find a specific 'Rewarded Video' action where the GAD has both load and show rewarded. I will check more thoroughly when I get home tho as I have to go to work now and it was just a quick look.

Thanks for the possible lead.


Playmaker Help / Stans Assets Ultimate Mobile - Rewarded Video
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:36:37 PM »
Hi all,

I am in comms with Stans support but (understandably) they appear to have shut shop for the weekend and am hoping to knock this issue on the head before the weekend is over.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Admob Rewarded Videos using Ultimate Mobile. My setup is shown in the pic. I have tried various setting/setups with varying results. None of which are what I expected. I have even tried linking both events to the same state.

Player always starts out with 3 lives (1 used and 2 displayed on the counter). I play and purposely run down time in order to run out of lives and get the offer of watching an ad for more lives.

Once 'watchAdForLives' event is called I do 1 of 2 things. Let the ad run until finish (watch full for reward) or exit watching partway through (watch early exit for no reward).

I am testing this on my device with Google test ads.

'watchAd' links to Reward
'adClosed'  links to AdClosed
watch full = black screen. menu music playing in BG?
watch early exit = black screen. menu music playing in BG?

'watchAd' links to AdClosed
'adClosed' links to Reward
watch full = rewards given
watch early exit  = rewards given

'watchAd' & 'adClosed' both link to Reward
watch full = rewards given
watch early exit = rewards given

'watchAd' & 'adClosed' both link to AdClosed
watch full = black screen. menu music playing in BG?
watch early exit = black screen. menu music playing in BG?

I am hoping to detect if the player watches the full rewarded video then give reward and restart the level, if the player exits early then go to main menu without reward. If player decides not to continue they start for the start of the level/world.

Thanks for reading.

Hi djaydino,

Thanks for the reply. :)

I have emailed their support with some questions.

Have you (or anyone else reading this) have information regarding ways to get best financial returns? No need for exact numbers haha just if you found any better using X or Y methods.


Playmaker Help / Any advice on current advertising networks/methods.
« on: July 13, 2017, 07:35:29 PM »
Hi all,

Apologies if I am in the wrong forum section - wasn't sure where this would fit.

As per subject - has anyone any advice they are willing to share on the current state of advertising networks / mediators etc?

I am at the stage where my game is mostly built. I have the level lock/select working and am wanting to place some 'watch ad for lives/coins' to generate revenue. Rewarded watching I think its called?? Not sure. Also a banner on the bottom of the main menu page to randomly appear every once and a while.

I have seen these:!/content/82780!/content/57517

The idea of multiple networks (Admob, Rev,  etc) funneled into the one game sounds good unless I am misunderstanding how it all works. I guess this will be limited by each networks minimum withdrawal amount as well.

Playmaker actions would probs be a must as my actual coding experience is super low.

Anyways if you are willing to share your experiences that would be awesome.


PS Developing for Android mostly at the moment. Until I can get my hands on a Mac that is.

Thanks again mate!

So obvious once explained. but I still missed it lol.


Hi again,

The solution in the vid worked a treat! I hope you got my thank you DJDino ;).

It's been a while. Have been making levels and graphic assets since last post.

One more question - how do I stop/restart the timer when the player presses the pause button? I have a pause button which activates the Scale Time action (to 0) but the timer appears to continue. Objects and animations etc seem to freeze but the timer still counts down.


Thank you so much DJDino!

Awesome as always. I will give this a shot tonight after work. I will let you know how I go =D


Hi all,

Just having some issues with creating a countdown timer for a game.

I thought it was all good and working until I tried making the last 5 seconds turn red and pulse (punch scale) every second to alert the player of impending doom.

The game has pickups which can add to the time as well as mobs which can take away time.

The 3 screencaps are my current setup. The green states are all working well and good as they should. I know that the only thing keeping things 'real time' is the per second check box in the FloatSubtract state.

My issue is that a few things happen when I add the blue states (warning <5seconds) - the time pulses at 5 and 4 correctly but then stops counting down (i.e. is stuck at 4 seconds display). The sound file instead of a beep per 1 second goes brrrrrrrrrr. Which I am guessing is every frame? The timer is still counting down (milliseconds but a lot slower than per second).

Is the punch scale time somehow messing with the float subtract per second clock?

I have also tried DJDinos CountdownTimer which works fantastic if it was just a countdown, but I can't seem to alter the timer on the fly (adding / subtracting as time counts down). So with this - countdown works, beeping, red and pulsing at 5,4,3,2,1, but can't seem to add/subtract pickup/mob time on the fly.

So in summary I am trying to create a countdown timer that can be added and subtracted to on the fly and at the last 5 seconds go red, beep and punch scale. The user is able to gather pickups to re-go above 5 seconds returning to a non pulse and blue state.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read.


Hi all,

I have had a bit of a look around and some people have had similar issues but I still can't seem to solve mine when applying what they did to solve theirs.

As per subject - when using WASD, the motion of my 3D third person camera character works a treat. i.e. holding A makes the character do circles (donuts) to its relative left as expected. Holding W makes it roll forwards no matter it's world orientation.

When I try to apply the joystick it appears the direction of player travel becomes absolute. i.e. dragging joystick left makes the character go to the world minus X until it falls off the level map. The camera follows as it should but continuing to hold left on the joystick the character moves towards  the -X of the world. Not to its left or as I want - left relative to the camera like when using the keys.

The game is intended for mobile so the on screen joysticks are required. I got them from the Ecosystem - uGUI Joystick. I believe I have setup the Settings>Input correctly as per the attached jpg.

I have confirmed the 'Relative to' points to the scene object not the Heirarchy folder.

Sorry I am still learning.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Other posts that have the same issue (some solved) but maybe I didn't apply the solution correctly.

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