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I currently have normal set of character with lot of controls and checks: Run, Jump Left/Right, Double Jump, Roll). They were split into "Left and Right" and "Jump and Roll" FSMs.
Now I plan to add attack controls/actions which are similar with normal movements: Jump Left Attack, Jump Right Attack, Roll Attack. The only difference is: Those actions only happen when user meets enemies.


So my question is: should I add new controls to current FSMs (which is quite big and complex already) to reuse the current actions and check? Or should I add new FSMs which will use a lot of similar States and FSM actions?

I tried to add check state to every action state of normal movement like:
 - If IsEnemyAround = True -> Send and Event to "Attacks" FSM
 - If IsEnemyAround = False -> FINISH -> Continue to next State.

However, It still add many states to current FSM ones. And I don't know how to switch back to normal movement after finish that Movement on "Attacks" FSM since cannot send event back.


Playmaker Help / Check and store all enenies in front of player
« on: December 06, 2016, 09:05:42 AM »

I'm very new with Unity and Playmaker and couldn't find the solution in the search result.
I need to detect all enemies in front off the player and store as an object array for other actions. This is a running game with 3 lands.
I tried to use Raycast to cast in front of the player (distance 5) with Transform Direction (0,0,1) but I got some problems:
 - Raycast only detects and store first object. I tried both Raycast and Raycastall but was not successul
 - I cannot manage to detect enemy in other land. I think I should add an FOV from the player but I don't know how to achieve that
I'd like to ask whether this solution is fine for mobile games since the game needs to send the raycast every frame

Playmaker Help / Upgrade from old PlayMaker Animator to new buit-in one
« on: December 02, 2016, 06:25:16 AM »

My project used PlayMaker Animator actions package before. Now PlayMaker 1.8.1 is included already. Is there any quick way to replace them with the buit-in ones so that I can clear the old one in project folder?


Playmaker Help / Change a FSM online (remotely) by XML or JSON?
« on: December 01, 2016, 02:41:07 AM »

I'm new with PlayMaker and would like to achieve this:
I have a FSM to define the rules to generate the maps in my game. It works correctly but I'd like to update it online/remotely (without submit new builds to App Store). I think about XML/JSON online import but don't know how to do it.
Could you please guide me?


Playmaker Help / Global Variable windows show local variables as well?
« on: November 29, 2016, 12:50:58 AM »

I'm new with PlayMaker and trying with some basic tutorials. Currently when I open Global Variables windows, it also shows all local variables as well. Is that a correct behavior?


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