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iOS Help / Re: Swipe diagonal and swipe angle
« Last post by Kodagames on Today at 12:16:57 PM »
This is an old post but may help someone who is new looking for a solution.

I found that following this tutorial does exactly as I needed dragging the player and when I released the player, the player object will go in that direction (even diagonal).


Starts at 21:04 / 22:44 on the timeline of the video.
Playmaker Help / Re: Level unlock
« Last post by Thore on Today at 10:25:41 AM »
If they are linear, you could use a simple int counter, e.g. “progress”. At an appropriate moment, it checks how far the player got, and all levels lower and equal the counter are considered open. If you complete a level, just add +1 to progress.

If it is not linear, I’d use a list of bools, or enum flags.
Playmaker Help / Re: Camera lock vertical look when rotate animation
« Last post by Franck on Today at 06:06:17 AM »
Help Please :)
Playmaker Help / Re: Player teleport
« Last post by mike32 on Today at 05:41:49 AM »

Thanks for the tip, I tried out the look at action and it does work however it does not stay looking at the door.

it looks at the door but then jumps back to its original rotation, is there a way I can set it to stay at the new rotation?

Thanks for the help
VR Help / Re: SteamVR Action Stack Overflow?
« Last post by tcmeric on Today at 05:34:00 AM »
You would need to contact the asset creator, which is not playmaker.
Playmaker Help / Re: Player teleport
« Last post by Athin on Today at 04:40:12 AM »
I think using the Look At Action could help with that.  Just set the action to look at whatever you want to while its teleporting.
Playmaker Help / Re: Level unlock
« Last post by Athin on Today at 04:37:46 AM »
You can just have a simple Bool value on each level to state if its locked or not.  As one unlocked, you flip the previous level back.

Depending on the setup,  Arrays would be the best way to store the levels and manage them.  Using the Get Next action to grab the next level and unlock it while locking the previous one too.
Playmaker Help / Re: Beginner Question - Move game object to mouse
« Last post by Athin on Today at 04:34:33 AM »
What I'd do is use a Mouse Pick Action that grabs the mouses Vector3 every frame and store it in a variable.  Then just use a move action using that variable for the game object.

Make sure if you have two different FSM that they share that mouse variable.  Make it a global or use a action to grab that variable to use.
Playmaker Help / Re: Level unlock
« Last post by MattyWS on Today at 01:22:32 AM »
It's depreciated now and thus not on the unity assets store but I've been using Mad Level Manager, which had playmaker actions. What you could do is contact the developer, who's quite a friendly guy, and see if he'd be willing to rectify the depreciation. There is nothing wrong with the code that I can see as I'm using nearly the latest version of Unity, it just gave an initial warning when I imported it to say it may not work because it's depreciated.

It works flawlessly, saving the level progress for the player and has pre-made themes (some of which I made).
Playmaker Help / Player teleport
« Last post by mike32 on Today at 01:22:27 AM »

I am new to playmaker and just learning all the features.

I am making a walkthrough of an interior space and I need to teleport the player back to the elevator on a button press and face the doer ready to exit.

I have it working to teleport the player to the elevator using get position on the teleport location and get position on the player. However I cant get it working to rotate the player to look at the elevator door as it teleports.

Currently I have tried to set it up as get rotation on the teleport location (cube)
and set rotation on the player but it does not work.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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