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Playmaker Help / Re: Question about database with pictures and text
« Last post by elusiven on Today at 02:46:05 AM »
More difficult approach but it's what I would do:

You can have an api that communicates with the database (written in php or, it would handle the models and pass the data from database to whatever client communicates with it for ex. Unity3D. Unity3D would just use rest+json to communicate with api. Then you can also have a logic for saving data for offline use. Note though that in database you woudn't actually store the images, you would just store the reference like url.
Playmaker Help / slow FSM
« Last post by elusiven on Today at 02:34:55 AM »

I have some logic in my FSMs to instantiate and then update the values on some 2d objects. They instantiate at the start of the app into a scrollrect, and then only values are updated when that specific view is pushed. It seems very slow however, I can tell because the animation which is played when other view is poped off stack laggs for 1-2 seconds.

Are FSMs ran frame by frame, in terms of actions or is there a way to put the FSM into a coroutine or something? Worst case scenario I will have to redo the whole logic in code instead but if there is a way to make this smoother then I would prefer that.
General Discussion / Re: Playmaker version of Inheritance?
« Last post by krmko on Today at 02:32:19 AM »
Thanks Jean, i'll test it out and let you know if i get it  ;D
Playmaker Help / Re: Help on basic animations
« Last post by krmko on Today at 02:27:32 AM »
I'll let you know, i'll probably be in the dark if a need for something more advanced arises :)
Playmaker Tutorials / Re: Official Tutorial Request Thread
« Last post by C.J.Geringer on Today at 01:51:44 AM »
I would like to request A tutorial on recreating the Mii head-customization system:
Playmaker Help / Re: Exposing FSM Variables In A Custom EditorWindow
« Last post by coxy17 on Today at 12:54:34 AM »
Hi Jean,

Ok thanks, i just got a little confused thanks for clearing this up. Im glad ive got loads examples now :)

General Discussion / Re: Welcome! Please introduce yourself!
« Last post by djaydino on Today at 12:31:45 AM »
Welcome, feel free to ask anything on the forum :)

To get you started, you can find many tutorials on the user tutorial wiki page.

On the Ecosystem you can find many custom actions and samples.

And the api reference can be useful if you want to use scripting and playmaker together.

There is also a Discord channel and a Slack Channel
User Showcase / Re: The Greenskins
« Last post by jeanfabre on October 19, 2017, 11:57:48 PM »

Nice, Keep us updated!


User Showcase / Re: Finished Projects Made With PlayMaker
« Last post by jeanfabre on October 19, 2017, 11:56:12 PM »
Astral Magnosia
I made a visual toy that is not really a game, more a vj tool or just for relaxing.

Nice, Twitted about it, but I could not find any twitter related account.


Playmaker Help / Re: Exposing FSM Variables In A Custom EditorWindow
« Last post by jeanfabre on October 19, 2017, 11:53:48 PM »

 These are for you to learn the api and see how things are getting accessed. You'll have to do the work inside your system, this is just to show you all the possibilities of the api as far as getting informations and pointers to various features of Fsm, states, actions, etc.


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