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Share New Actions / Re: Countdown Timer
« Last post by Dakk on Today at 12:40:49 PM »
Thanks for sharing Krillan87, helped me out... 
I have been banging my head with the same issue.  Somehow there was a phantom var populating a field, but that variable didn't exist at all in the FSM or project.  It was probably caused by copying an action.  Pretty sneaky bug though- and the error messages didn't help to figure it out at all and still seem completely unrelated.
Playmaker Help / Rigid Body/Add Force Problem
« Last post by Micah on Today at 12:06:23 PM »
Hello I'm quite new to all of this, so I'm sorry if this is a silly question.
Basically I am trying to make a cube Jump. I have the cube moving around fine with a Get Axis Vector and Controller Simple Move.
However when trying to make the Cube jump, there is a problem. I have used a new FSM.

I have the Get Key Down State which is connected to Add Force state. No matter What I do, the cube won't jump, instead there is odd behavior, as if it is being buried into the ground. When I use the translate action, the cube blast off into the sky like a cannon ball. If I remove the rigid body, translate works better however, The cube teleports upwards, then falls down. I'm tearing my hair out, trying to figure out what I am missing. I've searched around and tried different things but haven't found a solution. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Playmaker Help / Re: FSM goes through states it isn't intended to
« Last post by krmko on Today at 10:59:55 AM »
Can this be done via actions?

Or at least by calling the stop method from another rsm?
Actually I figured it out. Kinematic also needs to be disabled to stop all movement.
Playmaker Help / Removing all motion / force / whatever from object
« Last post by daniellogin on Today at 10:35:33 AM »
Can anyone help me with how I would use Play Maker to remove all motions (be it gravity, momentum, or what ever else Unity has) on an object?

I am trying to make a decoration 'field' where items that are placed inside float in the exact spot they are placed. I have tried simply removing the gravity from the object rigidbody, but when testing with the target already in the area it falls down slowly. If I raise it up again using the editor (while still playing) then the item floats.

So, I think there is some other force which is being applied the first time that needs to be removed? Anyone know how I can use Play Maker to get this to work?
Playmaker Help / Re: how get the name of the object
« Last post by mutoit on Today at 08:45:33 AM »
shit yes....
Playmaker Help / Re: how get the name of the object
« Last post by krmko on Today at 08:01:03 AM »
Get Name.
Playmaker Help / how get the name of the object
« Last post by mutoit on Today at 07:55:03 AM »
hello,i get the object with mousepick, but i dont know how to take his name like string...any idea ?¿
Sorry if is a dumb question....
Action Requests / Timed activate game objects
« Last post by MAX_POWER on Today at 07:40:33 AM »
Hi. Would be cool to add a delay option to ActivateGameObjects
/ActivateMultipleGameObjects script. Would save time from doing unnecessary steps. Anyway this could be added? Thanks.
Playmaker Help / Re: FSM goes through states it isn't intended to
« Last post by krmko on Today at 06:54:42 AM »
Ok, here's what i've done since i am using pooling. When the enemy dies, it disables all attached components, then sends an event to the special FSM (i called it "behaviour enabler") on itself which is used only to deactivate all the rest remaining enabled FSM's before despawning. All of them are set to "reset on disable". When the object appears again, only active FSM is behaviour enabler which restarts the rest of the FSM's.

But, same thing happens again, FSM's show that they have already been through some states.

For example this one. It's on an enemy that is alive, but it says it had already been through despawn state. Shouldn't it all be 0 if the FSM is disabled then enabled with reset on disable?

It must be something wrong with that, otherwise all of these would be wrong or good.

Obviously, only the reactivated clones are making a problem. I even tried this from this topic (, copy everything to new FSM, but nothing.
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