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I've got the exact same problem with the 1.8.4.f5 version.
Is there a new workaround or solution ?
Thanks !
Playmaker Help / "look at" weird behavior
« Last post by arie1994 on Today at 11:30:59 AM »
i use a "look at" it works normal but when my char crouches it uses this wierd offset
what is this offset? and how do i stop it?
Ive tried to determine through debugging - but somewhere I have the wrong variable assigned for a instantiation how do I find the offender as there is no parent to the spawned object? :o
Do we already have an action to get the direction and distance between two objects (without raycasting) ? I couldnt see one.

If not, I will write one because I need it. But if we have one, better not to write another. Thanks!
Playmaker Help / Re: Playmaker not working
« Last post by a0nasser on Today at 09:46:29 AM »
Anyone have any idea  :(
Playmaker Help / Re: photon [help]
« Last post by Carmichael on Today at 09:38:46 AM »
some how i can't join the lobby without setting join auto join lobby to true and without joining lobby, i can't join a room because it brings a masterclient error.
 secondly one of the demo scenes work but after i leave room about 4 consecutive times it stops
Playmaker Help / Array List Copy To not working
« Last post by Zanderfax on Today at 09:16:35 AM »
I have been trying to get the Array List Copy To action to work. I have tried both having the two proxies on the same game object and having separate game objects with each having a proxy on it.

I have run debugs, the original array has the data I am expecting, but it never copies to the secondary array. 

I have attached the screenshot of the configuration as it stands but is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Playmaker Help / Re: Video Player component
« Last post by Team3D on Today at 07:58:41 AM »
Hi Jean

Finding that last batch of actions super useful thank you, any ideas when actions that will link to a seek-bar will be?

big thanks

Playmaker Help / Increase movement speed over time to max speed
« Last post by ItzArranT on Today at 05:55:22 AM »
Hi all!

Newbie Playmaker user here.  I've recently started making a 2D platformer and have run into my first question.

To make my character move, I use 'Get Axis' and 'Set Velocity'.  However, I'd like the character to increase in movement speed over time to a max speed.

Can anyone help with advising me on how to do this??

Many thanks
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