Author Topic: [Android / Free] Time Stopper (Time freezing puzzle adventure)  (Read 1448 times)


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Yesterday, I published my game. <Time Stopper> !!

Now it's available on Google Play Store.
Here's Trailer movie.

Playmaker helped me a lot! Thank you playmaker!!

google Play store:

Game Trailer
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Re: [Android / Free] Time Stopper (Time freezing puzzle adventure)
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2016, 01:31:22 PM »

Looks very nice. Some interesting elements. I certainly had fun taking down the first enemy and some of the guys in the second level, but:

Is it right, that you can only use the time stop once? As in the second level I just couldn't take them all out?

I think it is a bit too rigid at the start, the abilities seem fun- but I never had a chance to have fun with them before the second level became too frustrating.

The tutorial appears translated slightly badly, like for example I never realised I need to use the look around controls to aim the bullet, I thought it would automatically get turned onto the enemy (but a lot of the fun was redirecting bullets as I wish, once I figured out that I could do that).

Again I think I personally would like more opportunity to have fun with the powers, or a more drawn out and less deadly tutiorial, rather than being thrown into a room where I am surrounded by enemies in the second level :) (that may just be me though). So yeah I think some polishing in the tutorial and an easier introduction is what was lacking for me, but the game seems full of awesome and fun features individually.

Also I was wondering if you could maybe elaborate on how playmaker was used in this game?

Good luck with it!