Author Topic: Playmaker Action - Speech Bubble Canvas for NPC or Players in Worldspace  (Read 249 times)


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In this tutorial (and free action set for playmaker), I show to make cute speech bubbles appear over NPC heads. This action set does NOT require any paid third party assets. It is written completely in playmaker and is free from my github account.

"Use this custom playmaker action for Unity 5 to create speech bubbles above your NPC or Players heads in worldspace that can fade in or out, as well as optionally always face your main camera (or any point). Works great for VR, thirdperson or first person games."

Since it uses the canvas system, it can be used with textmeshpro, normal unity text, etc.

I suggest you watch the tutorial first to learn how to use the action, as well as get the speech bubble prefab I made. Tutorial:

Github Account:

If you liked this action and want to see more, please consider donating a few dollars to my patreon account to support the creation (and maintenance) of playmaker actions by dumbgamedev (me):