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Search feature on Object type menu
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:08:43 AM »
Hi everyone.

I've been using Playmaker daily for more than a year now and there is a bottleneck in my workflow. When using actions like get/set properties or using an object variable, I need to specify the object type. I usually do it using a drag and drop of said object so this is automatic but this is not possible on some occasion like when creating an array. This means I have to go through the object type menu which is very tedious without a search feature.

Having a lot of assets and plugins, the list in this menu is immense. It takes like 30s to go to the useful Unity Engine tab and it's a needle in a haystack to find something if you don't know precisely where it is.  :-\

A search feature similar to the action browser would be verry welcome.  ;)