Author Topic: Struggling to convert from coding to PM, any useful tutorials?  (Read 165 times)


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Ive looked at some tutorials and they arn't helping too much, or im looking at the wrong ones.

Ive been teaching myself c# for about a month, and that seems to be enough knowledge to throw me off a little bit.

Events in playmaker. How do they work? Custom events mostly.

For instance if i want to jump, using a GetButtonDown code makes sense. And playmaker has the GetButtonDown and GetButtonUp which is great, but those arn't used for transitioning TO a jump (set velocity in Y axis) state, i need an event for that.

Code wise it makes sense in my head.
Check if the character is grounded, and use an If statement to apply force, or not apply force.

Even using playmakers "controller is grounded", i can't work out how to translate that into actually jumping.

I tried making an event IsGrounded and NotGrounded and not grounded looping back round to Movement but it said it was a loop count max and it wouldnt carry on.

Anyway, or anywhere to get a brief rundown of how parts of playmaker string together? Even the official tutorials seem to go on and not actually do much.

Currently it seems like coding in c# would be quicker than this and im sure it isnt the case.

Are there any example FMS's that are downloadable to see how it supposed to fit together?


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Re: Struggling to convert from coding to PM, any useful tutorials?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 05:42:09 PM »

Maybe the video below can help or maybe something in the User Tutorial Wiki