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I would be amazed
« on: May 04, 2013, 10:49:31 PM »
If PM can do this.. I want to make a social monitization script/FSM that would
 give away an app if someone posts my app to Facebook

 I would like to have a script that allows me to:
     -put a message in a Facebook post,  "This is a great bedtime story!!" (customizable by me)
     -add the link to itunes or Google Play in the post on FB
     -allows the user to download a free version of an app.

Im thinking the script would act something like:

 - I create a polygon in the scene
 - Add the script and texture to the polygon/button (it is now touchable)
 -insert the message post
 -insert the link to google Play or iTunes (this seems to pull in the info and display the icon in my test)
 -once that is done the user would then be allowed to download the app (Im assuming we would have to host that ourselves?