Visual Scripting for Unity3D

Realize your creative vision without knowing how to program!

  • Visual state machines are intuitive and powerful for beginners and pros alike!
  • Great for programmers and teams looking for a visual state editor.
  • Works with Indie and Pro versions of Unity.

Intuitive Visual Editor

  • Quickly add States and connect them with Transitions.
  • Add Actions and tweak Parameters.
  • Manage Events and Variables.
  • Save time with Templates and Copy/Paste.
  • Integrated Help.

Powerful Debugging

  • Realtime Error Checker finds errors before you hit play!
  • Runtime Debugging lets you watch state machine behavior.
  • Set Breakpoints and Step through state changes.
  • Watch Variables as the game plays.
  • Send Events and Set Variables at any time.
  • Use the Log Window to watch transition events.

Highly Extendible

  • Write Custom Actions and they appear in the editor.
  • User Community shares many useful actions.
  • Open API allows you to make FSMs in code.

Third Party Library Support

Interface with other popular extensions:

  • iTween
  • NGUI
  • Photon
  • 2D Toolkit
  • Finger Gestures
  • Sprite Manager 2
  • Smooth Moves
  • ex2D
  • TestFlight AutoPilot
  • Rage Tools
  • Pool Manager 2
  • Qualcomm AR
  • Input.touches
  • Vectrosity
  • iOS Game Center
  • TargetPro
  • And more...

NOTE: Get Property, Set Property, Send Message, and Invoke Method Actions let you interface with any Unity Component!

Online Documentation

Check out the complete online docs.