Author Topic: Gameobject move to tap but also follow a drag  (Read 1491 times)


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Gameobject move to tap but also follow a drag
« on: May 25, 2015, 04:18:58 PM »
I have a game setup which involves four vehicles on the screen at any one time. Eventually my aim is for only one to be 'live' at any one time when selected via an on screen GUI.

I'm looking for a setup similar to that of Toca Cars (Toca Boca as opposed to touring cars) where the player can tap the screen and the vehicle will move to the tapped area or they will follow the users finger position as they drag it around the screen.

So far I have one vehicle setup so that it responds to a tap on the screen but will also rotate on the spot as it follows the users finger and will then move to the location when the user takes their finger off the screen. This is quite a nice setup but it's not really what I'm after.

Is it possible to set it up so that the vehicle will follow the users finger as it drags along the screen?

I've tried using a 'move position' action but this makes the vehicle jump to the users finger and then move at a speed that is racing across the screen (it is accurate though).

I'm getting to the point now where I've tried loads of variations but none with the result I/m looking to achieve  :(

I'm using Playmaker within Unity 5