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Random Switch
« on: June 04, 2015, 02:19:02 PM »
This action is a simple random switch/event firing off system. I know that you can create this with the "random int" and the "int switch" functions together but that may not take into account weighting a particlar event to give it priority to fire off...  (I'm sure there's likely a way to do a weighted random function but that might be a bit out of my league at this time.)

How to use:

  • Declare the number of switches needed.
  • Slot each event appropriately.
  • Set the weighting to what event(s) you want to take priority and what event(s) you want to be at a default value.

NOTE: If you populate events in here, you'll have to set the weight values for each action at this time. The slider has a minimum value of "1" so if you simply slide it back to it's smallest value that should update from the default "0" to "1." Not sure how to work around that at this time per-se... So, just keep that in mind if you choose to use this.

And as usual, if you see any areas that can be improved upon, feel free to say something about it. Any opportunities to learn something new are always welcome.
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