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Hello all,

I just wanted to share our new project with you. The Nightmare from Outspace is a lovecraftian (cosmic) horror, but it uses gameplay elements of exploration and platforming.

AAAAND around 80% of what you see there was completely done with PlayMaker. To be precise, the entire platforming character controller (including animation management using mecanim), doors and animated objects, scripted sequences and interactive elements are all powered by PlayMaker. Basically the only things that are not handled with PlayMaker are the UI and asset streaming/unloading scenarios.

TBH I'm very pleased to see we could do almost anything just with PlayMaker, and my workmates, who didn't really believe in the product, are now very "now we know we can do pretty an entire game just with PlayMaker."

Here's the link:

We believe the project is interesting because, even if it's a cosmic horror game, it will not rely on the usual gameplay mechanics (run, walk, interact) because we want it to have a gameplay that is more similar to "metroidvania" games, where you slowly unlock the entire world, and Tomb Raider games, where you do all sorts of jumps and stuff.

I hope you find the game interesting. If you have questions, comments, let me know. Also, please share the link with everyone you know, since we've had a very slow start :-/

Greetings from El Salvador
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