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Character move
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:31:54 AM »
Hi i am from Polad i do not know eglish very good but i need some help :) I build simple character with couple of animations ( walk , run , jump , idle ). I create capsule in unity and add to it character controller and other thinghs to move it. Then with playmaker i setup FSM which allow me to walk left and right when i press left or right arrow down. Then i created another FSM for jumping. Walking is warking good but when i to fast change the buttons from left to right my character is only moving (slide) without any animations and i am not sure why. Or for Example when i am presing left arrow with space ( jump ) then my character i only moving to(slide on the surface). Another thing i am trying to do something like when i press left arrow and then for example ctrl my character will run i try use some logic for example bool all true and some math  bool compare but without any succes :D i think i need help in this situation. I have to variables in which i store input from get key down ( they are bool ).