Author Topic: "Record" blendshapes for Offline Rendering?  (Read 767 times)


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"Record" blendshapes for Offline Rendering?
« on: September 12, 2017, 06:11:50 AM »
I use an audio-reactive tool for lipsync (SALSA), but this doesn't work for offline rendering. I'm looking for a way to "record" blendshape data during a realtime pass, to play back during the frame-by-frame render process. I'm using Unity5.6…

I was thinking I could GET BLENDSHAPE WEIGHT and save to an array during a low-res realtime pass, then PUT BLENDSHAPE WEIGHT during the offline pass…, but I'm at a loss how to make sure the data is recorded at regular intervals (30 or 60fps for instance, but I doubt it actually needs to be that fast). The important thing is to keep the timing consistent across several minutes worth of animation.

Appreciate any advice, or to be steered in a better direction if you have a suggestion...


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Re: "Record" blendshapes for Offline Rendering?
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 06:49:53 AM »
maybe this documentation can get you in the right direction :