Author Topic: Only character controller collision is detecting? Not box/sphere/etc?  (Read 1767 times)


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I have no idea why but for some reason only an object with character controller will detect
a collision, where as I've tried both box and sphere colliders and they don't work at all.....

I'd appreciate any information that can be provided about this greatly as it's something I need for my project.

Note:I've also tried these with RigidBody too but it doesn't seem to work-as a side note if this is required (which it seems to be) and I'm just missing something else somewhere, can it function with gravity turned off and does that reduce it's impact on the games performance? Or does the RigidBody impact the performance as a whole.

Alex Chouls

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Can you describe the problem in a bit more detail?

Are you talking about system collision events? COLLISION ENTER etc.

Is the GameObject moved around with a character controller?

Character controllers have some special rules, they're not regular physics objects...