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Dev pathway for VR
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:30:05 AM »
First post here in a few years but I'm keen to try VR devving and so I thought I'd ask about a good pathway to take using Unity & Playmaker to get a game VR ready for SteamVR.
I am green so my questions will be basic.

Firstly, Is it possible to convert a Unity webGL game to a WebVR game?
and from there...
Is it possible to convert a WebVR game to a SteamVR game?

I need to start small so I figured on a small webGL game which I can then try to convert to VR and then eventually to SteamVR.

Basically, I need to clarify a workflow process that will take me from a small and basic Unity singleplayer browser game to a steamVR multiplayer game.

So, should I begin by trying to setup a very basic scene that is created for multiplayer SteamVR (say two cubes moving around a floor plane) OR should I setup the same scene in webGL, then add the VR element (webVR), then add SteamVR and then finally add multiplayer functions?

Basically what order should I approach this?

My initial idea was to setup Unity3D with Playmaker, Photo Networking & SteamVR and try to get this working as a two-player VR simple scene (two VR users controlling a moveable cube each).

thanks :)