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Set Distance Joint 2d
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:32:53 AM »

Set Distance Joint 2d Properties
Not much to explain: I recreated the entire Distance Joint component panel as it is, and threw in the "enable" of the entire component for good measure (something I wish all component related actions had).

This one gave me a few headaches in the way FSMs handle a second gameObject. I think that's the correct method (/worksforme), but I am not totally sure. I threw in a few things from Jean's hinge joint script I don't quite understand (the private T part), I recommend that Jean or someone else looks over it to see if something is odd. Also, I didn't know what's the standard for floats with "infinity", so I made a boolean that allows to set this. Feel free to improve it to conform to Fsm standards.

I still don't have GitHub. As always, this action is free to use, upload to ecosystem (but please check), free to modify, adapt, adjust, improve as is anyway stipulated in the forum rules). :)
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