Author Topic: [SOLVED] ConditionalExpression action not working on Nintendo Switch  (Read 1532 times)


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    Hello fellow PM'ers!

    We found that the ConditionalExpression action does not work in builds for the Switch platform, displaying the following message on load:

Could Not Create Action: : FSM_Name: State_Name: ConditionalExpression (Maybe the script was removed?)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_Log(LogType, String, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogFormat(LogType, Object, String, Object[])
UnityEngine.Logger:Log(LogType, Object)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.ActionData:CreateAction(Context, Int32)

    This action is included via a separate .dll instead of c# scripts. We have made sure the .dll is indeed added to the Switch platform, so I guess the action is incompatible with the Switch platform or simply not compiled against it. So, I wonder:

    - Does the action actually work in Switch and we are doing something wrong (if so, what could it be)?

    - Can we hope for a Switch-compatible version of ConditionalExpression to be released?

    - Failing that, could we somehow have access to the ConditionalExpression sources so we can at least give a try to compile it for the Switch?

    In any case, thanks a lot in advance!
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Re: ConditionalExpression action not working on Nintendo Switch
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    Nevermind, I failed to find the solution Alex posted here:

    After this, the action works like a charm :D Thanks!