Author Topic: Steam VR Plugin 2.2 and Playmaker ("drag and drop" from script)  (Read 1337 times)


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Hello. Sorry for my English...
I'm not a programmer, but little understand some basics.
6 days ago face with the problem with a new Steam VR Plugin 2.2 inputs.
I've spended for about 2-3 days on "dancing with tambourine" with misunderstanding how to get "correct values" from Steam VR Controllers and use them in Playmaker.
And here is my "Drag and Drop to FSM" solution of this problem.
Hope it will save time for somebody.
Script and doc-Tutorial(all steps):

P.S. I dont have HTC Vive, all tested on Oculus Touch, but i think it should be work too...
And when you will be create "new buttons" dont forget about TYPE of this buttons(Vector2(for touchpad) and bool(for simple button)).
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