Author Topic: [Noob Programmer] How to Bring data (lists, text, questions, answers) into game  (Read 3387 times)


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Say im making a simple childrens adventure game, which will basically be like a board game and i want each tile to present a question.. (Its actually just going to play a sound file something like "Cat starts with the letter..") then its going to display a few letters which they can choose from.
How would i store a list of the questions (audio files) and associated answer letters?

My first thought is to just Name the audio files by the letter that would be the answer ex. above audio file would be a.wav but what if i wanted more than one a question... how would i gather a list of the audio files and shuffle the list into a random order (would like the questions to be randomish and be able to assign difficulties). Just not sure how this should be done so that its easy to add questions and answers....
Eventually i would also like the game to keep some stats on what letters the child struggles with and start showing those letters more often than the ones they always answer correctly... its going to be kind of like a rapid progression of questions that pushes the character around the map...

Would like to keep a lot of it in playmaker but also not afraid of C#,
I know a little bit of C# but new to games, any guidance is appreciated!


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 ArrayMaker to the rescue :)

 check this add on and its various samples ( in the package), you'll find surely ways to solved this problems.

 basically, it allows you to maintain lists of information ( your questions, your audi files references, etc etc)

 then, look around the forum, you will find specific actions to shuffle arrays, etc etc.