Author Topic: Firebase Action Help for Playmaker  (Read 849 times)


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Firebase Action Help for Playmaker
« on: October 26, 2020, 07:25:29 AM »
Hello , i am looking to make an communication app like a (whatsapp / Viber)
And looking to use Firebase as backend , and design in unity
So, can anyone suggest me a way to implement the following mentioned below using Playmaker action , with the way to communicate with Firebase.( Because i could not find any action of playmaker related to firebase )

Any suggestion help will be highly appreciated

Registration: Email verification and phone verification
Login system
Messaging system/chat
Video/Audio calls
Send direct message to user
Check online status, last activity
See when user typing message
Firebase push notifications



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Re: Firebase Action Help for Playmaker
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2021, 04:39:50 AM »
Don't bother. What you want to implement is far beyond the spectrum of playmaker.
And beyond that, you think you can compete with the already abundant supply of social apps?

You need to learn code for a project like this (at least enough to write custom actions). ALSO if you plan to deploy on apple devices, you'll need to learn swift.

I've had MANY apps that were successful on android (like, i'm not a millionaire, but i don't have that kind of greed, i make a living, enough for me) made in unity, but ultimately rejected because i didn't use "The suite of programming tools apple supplies for free". Yep, you may have already payed your $100USD/annually to program for apple, if not read their TOS VERY CAREFULLY. It's amazing what they will throw back at you to deny an apps publication.

Myself, i had to buy a iMAC mini (the cheapest possible apple desktop pc i could buy @1800aud, but really, was just a matter of longer compiling times compared to better pcs), which gave me the privilege of using X-Code to deploy my apps. BUT it doesn't stop there. No. THEN you need a testing device, in my mind i bought the 10.2" i pad pro (because i like to push my games to the limit of processing power to slightly future proof them @2100aud). BUT STILL Apple had many reasons why they wouldn't publish my apps.

It started out "your UI is too cluttered", so i fixed that and resubmitted, THEN "the font you have chosen is hard to read", fixed resubmitted, Thats when things got real weird. The next submission was rejected for "opening an internet backdoor to the iOS, OS", but hang on, my apps don't require or request an internet connection? how is that a back door? At this point i had submitted many times and gotten rejection letters from many DIFFERENT people. So hey take a shot just resubmit. THE NEXT REJECTION was for "spamming", what does that mean?
Well it took me calling apple in america, and clearly their customer service department is staffed by old women (because who in their right mind can scream at an old lady), but the old lady essentially says "we are apple and we don't want your apps, i understand the TOS is hard to understand we just don't want your apps", "ok so what can i do to improve my apps to be accepted?", so she repeats "no we just don't want your apps", so i reply "let me get this straight, i have payed 100USD to even be considered by you, ive payed 1200USD for the privilege of using X-code, ive paid 1400USD for a testing device to test your apps and your apps alone, and you are giving NO opportunity to recoup my costs?", at which points she repeats " i understand our TOS is hard to understand we just don't want your apps".

Interpret as you will, cos i STILL, don't understand.
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