Author Topic: looking for Playmaker/C# Developer to develop a Playmaker asset for mobile input  (Read 317 times)


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Not sure where to post this so staff feel free to move this to a more appropriate section in the forum.

I would like to hire a good c#/playmaker developer to build a playmaker asset for mobile input. Not sure if I can afford it, but if someone is interested in this, please send me a pm with your quote and lets discuss it here too.

Since I'm coming from Buildbox which everything is mobile first, I realize that there is a huge lack of mobile related stuff when it comes down to Playmaker. A lot of actions are available with external assets like Easy Mobile Pro but when it comes down to input there is none. Playmaker doesn't even have official swipe actions that work in editor for example so this is huge negative for me and I'm struggling a lot with it.  8)

Basically what I would like to do is to make a similar asset to LeanTouch+ but with playmaker actions and ready made prefabs/presets that users can simply re-use for their own use. So it's some kind of base utilities combined with a modular approach of actions that then can be used by users to further expand on the examples provided.

As an alternative, but not sure if this makes sense at all, would be to develop actions for the LeanTouch+ scripts. But I feel things would be cleaner if everything runs through Playmaker itself. :)

Anyone interested to participate in that gig? Any thoughts? Appreciate any kind of feedback.



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I use Control Freak 2 which is easy to use and cost effective. I can vouch for that asset.