Author Topic: Playmaker or Unity bug?  (Read 100 times)


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Playmaker or Unity bug?
« on: September 12, 2021, 04:57:17 AM »

As you can see, the first time the object (tree) is clicked, only the collision mesh of the object moves.
Then with the following clicks the whole object moves.
It happens with both trees.

I was getting mad with this behavior because the objects are essentially exactly the same: only the meshes and the countdown times change.
But their behavior in this context is the same: they have the FSM template that shakes the tree and even everything else is exactly the same.
So, before spotting the collision mesh moving, I thought that the problem was coming from Playmaker.

But after seeing that the object seems somewhat "disjointed" by only relocating the collision mesh and not the rendered mesh, my hypothesis here is that Unity is not initializating correctly the object.
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