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GALACTIC MARATHON is a VR racing game that brings the player on alien worlds, in a fast gameplay on several diversified environments and situations.

Different from most Sci-Fi racing games out there, where the circuits result in a quite boring "pedal to metal" experience, this is more like a rally on different worlds, where speed must be calibrated carefully, as well as trajectory and jump timing and direction.
The speed is lower, but the SENSATION of speed is more powerful, which is what counts.

This is the most recent circuit I am working on. It's about 3 minutes long and good for development for its reduced size of 1000x1000 meters.

This is the first circuit I have put down. At a whopping 25 minutes of gameplay in a map of 4000x4000 meters, it is a good test for what a Quest 2 can hold, but it's not good for development times.
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