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Super Search Tool
« on: December 27, 2021, 06:13:19 AM »
Imagine MacOS' search tool, with filters you could add so you can combine them to focus on very specific targets in Playmaker.
Example, you first start searching for one or more FSMs, then you can add filters in any order:

- static or template
- uses this or that event, global or local, sent or received, used a transition or not
- total number of states, transitions, actions, variables
- action category, native or custom, highest number of uses
- uses globals or locals, categories, is set or gotten
- belongs to this or that parent, or is on this or that game object, static or prefab
- colors used (color codes are very important so it's not a stupid parameter because that's the only way users can create custom categories by painting states a given way, and in a state-based VISUAL scripting tool, it's actually very important)
- scene
- name or number
- etc.

You could start by searching for a specific variable, or an action, an event, anything, and again add filters...

You could then save the search setup in a list too, and the list would be displayed in its own little window, each saved search displayed alongside a very with a quick summary of the first n filters used for it (the cursor placed above the saved search would display a bigger popup with ALL filters used for it).