Author Topic: [WILLING TO PAY] Need custom actions for Fish-net Networking  (Read 1835 times)


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[WILLING TO PAY] Need custom actions for Fish-net Networking
« on: February 12, 2022, 11:07:07 PM »
I understand playmaker pretty well but coding is something I am trying to wrap my head around. I wanted to use Photon but it only supports rooms and not very many players so I had to look elsewhere. I was going to start learning C# but sadly my cat got sick so I have been stressed and monitoring him around the clock. I already have a hard time learning when not stressed so with a sick cat, I just can't teach myself C# atm and have it stick, hence why I am completely willing to pay for someone to make these actions. I do not need the entire asset converted. I only need a select few actions [FOR NOW].

I can pay through CashApp or Zelle. Just let me know the price through DMs and we can negotiate. If you have another form of payment you want me to use, let me know and I will see what I can do. If possible, I can also pay for individual actions as you make them.

As for the asset... It is a newer networking solution based on Mirror but improved on. I assume if you have experience with Mirror, this will be very similar. Here is all the basic information on them.


As for the actions I need...

* All 3 variations of RPCs. Server/Client/Observer
* The entire section of Synchronization. SyncVars to be more exact.


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Re: [WILLING TO PAY] Need custom actions for Fish-net Networking
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2023, 11:29:34 AM »
Did you get it ?