Author Topic: Can i make a Finished Tower Defence with RPG elements in playmaker?  (Read 730 times)


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Can i make a completed Tower Defence mixed with RPG elements in playmaker?
Hi, i always wanted to create my game so long but i kinda tried to learn GDscript, languages before but it's all meh having to "type" and making sure the syntax is correct and get confused what to do next. i got Disability and takes lot LONGER to learn new stuff, like i goto learn blender - 3D modelling along with coding would take forever. But i love Tower Defence games like Orcs must die, dungeon defenders, Dungeon Warfare 2 etc and RPG-ARPGS like path of exile, chronicon, Ziggurat 2. I basically want to create a Hybrid tower defence and Arpg/roguelite , where random loot drops, different tier of items, abilities, different currency to build towers-upgrade your character etc.  i don't mind creating prototypes at first till i can really improve my skill set.
Would this be possible? people say you can't yet you can still create inventory using playmaker. i first tried playmaker and amazed how quickly i can do things, i'm more of a visual person always have been. I know there's a also ecosystem where you can download extra packages. The A.I don't have to be really smart just follow the pathway and subtract score if it gets to final area. Can it all be done?


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Re: Can i make a Finished Tower Defence with RPG elements in playmaker?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2022, 01:58:12 PM »
I think that it should be possible.

A good idea is to join the Playmaker Discord channel.
maybe someone already has some experience in this game type and can get you in the right direction :)