Author Topic: Playmaker Ports for Flax Engine/Godot?  (Read 470 times)


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Playmaker Ports for Flax Engine/Godot?
« on: September 24, 2023, 09:06:46 AM »
So Unity has pretty much marked the downfall of their business with Sept. 12th's announcement.
Even with the recent announcement (and their shitty response to deleting their TOS page) it showed they can't trusted and will still make up an arbitrary model to charge you money. It burned too many bridges, mine included.

With that said, would it be something the Playmaker team is up to, to port Playmaker to Flax Engine and/or Godot?
Flax has a very, very similar API to Unity's and it seems to be quite a promising Unity alternative. Stride 3D is also quite similar!
It will take some time but with other engines now growing more popular, it would also be a boon to Hutong to get in on that early I suppose.

It's a bit ironic being so reliant on a single software and Unity's decisions have made me realize that. It's healthy to learn other engines, but I'm honestly still quite reliant on Playmaker - I trust Hutong Games wouldn't ever do anything like what Unity did since it isn't a public company and I trust Alex wouldn't be up for it.


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Re: Playmaker Ports for Flax Engine/Godot?
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2023, 07:36:30 PM »
Yes, please please please I would absolutely kill (with money) for a playmaker plugin into Godot 4. I really don't feel I can trust Unity any more, even with a new CEO... I love everything else about Godot so far but the transition to coding is proving a bit too steep and am losing motivation after having spent so long learning and becoming comfortable with visual scripting in FSMs.

Here's hoping... I love playmaker.