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Known Issues 3.20.11
« on: March 20, 2011, 10:51:05 PM »

    * The Unity Editor claims textures have been leaked by the Playmaker Editor when saving a scene. However the textures are still being used, so this may be a false error... either way it appears to be harmless. Open Unity Answer Question.
          o Solution: Will fix if it turns out to be a real error.
    * If you switch to a project that doesn't use Playmaker, any Playmaker windows saved in the layout will display "missing script" errors.
          o Workaround: Save your Playmaker Layout and Load it when using Playmaker.
    * Foreign characters in game object names may display incorrectly in the UI and can crash Playmaker in some situations (e.g., Chinese characters on mac os).

Graph View

    * Drag selection marquee gets stuck if user releases mouse button outside Playmaker window. Case 13
          o Workaround: Click again in Playmaker window.


    * Undo/redo isn't very granular when editing action parameters. Case 19
          o Need to fix this...
    * Play Animation ( Finish event sometimes doesn't fire with Default Wrap Mode (it seems the animation stops short of the end). Case 87
          o Workaround: Use another wrap mode (e.g., Clamp Forever if it doesn't loop), or send the finish event from the animation instead.


    * No way currently to set order/priority of global transitions. Case 68
          o This is only an issue if you use the same event in multiple global transitions and want to set priority. Might not be that common a use case...?
    * No quick way to change the order of transitions. Case 10
          o Would be convenient for Sequence Event Action and keeping the graph tidy.
          o Workaround: Swap transitions manually by editing them.


    * Pasting states/templates adds the necessary events and variables, but it currently doesn't handle the case where the FSM you're pasting into has a variable with the same name BUT different type. It assumes the variable is present, but in reality that variable reference will be lost and you'll have to add it again (with a different name). Case 69
          o Workaround: A lot of the time this conflict is avoided naturally since a variable's type influences its name. You could formalize this and use a naming convention that minimizes name conflicts between types (e.g., bools have Is or Has prefix that would never be used by another type).
          o Possible solutions:
                + Automatic rename?
                + Resolve name conflicts dialog?
                + Warn when variable references are lost?

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