Author Topic: Animationing an AI With 2D toolkit and Playmaker??(Solved Fliping)  (Read 1551 times)


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Iv made an AI following Bad Seed Games Basic AI

When I test it, the AI flips and then falls through the ground, My game is on 90 Degree angle like Zelda's top view, how would I go about fixing this, and adding the animations to the AI so when it walks up down left or right it will play the animations?

I attached 2 images, first one is the AI just standing still, second one is when he goes to move, he just flips and then vanishes and u never seem him again.
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Re: Animationing an AI With 2D toolkit and Playmaker??
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When he flips- its because its a 3d object and the look at vector is changing over time (im pretty sure). What you want is to change that look at thing to what ever axis you are viewing your world from. That should keep him "locked" to the ground.