Author Topic: how can i make a game where you create an online account and go in chat rooms?  (Read 1636 times)


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im trying to make a virtual chat game like imvu , second life that type of thing and i need some advice on how i would go about this, im new to making online games with playmaker. 1 how do i create the logg in thing, 2 how do i create a thing where you can add friends and other stuff what should i do first ?  would realy appreciate some advice please. thank you


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online = $$$$ you need money before hand to setup online, all that stuff will be done through your secure online server, then using text input to send the password and username in a secure way too.

this subject is huge, and way out of scope for just playmaker, you will have to learn how unity interacts with web content and then how to set up a server with secure login and then rent your webspace and server to run the login system


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 Photon networking, that is now part of Playmaker distribution will take care of all the chat, and player communication over the network, check the sample provided, there is a chat system implemented already!

 As far as user registration and management, Scott is right, this is a sensitive topic. It depends on the platform, on the needs, on the leve of security expected.

 Can you elaborate on what you expect for user management?